Outfit Updates...

Lately I get asked more and more about my outfits and I've been wanting to blog so...

I'm starting again!! I will try my best to link all my outfits, give you as much detail as I can and post as much as I can! This photo is edited with a filter from Ali Green / James, Instagram @aligreen13. She has pre-sets out that you can put into Lightroom, on your phone. It's super easy and they are so fun to use!

outfit 1 fall 2019

Sooo... this outfit was from a while ago, hence the flip-flops.

Flip flops are my favorite ones ever and they have lasted so long. They are Havaianas from Nordstrom. They are in black because black goes with every thing. (instead holder shrug emoji here). My jeans are old American Eagle. One of my favorite pairs... stretchy, ripped and comfy! I linked some similar pairs and now American Eagle sells jeans in more sizes and curvy styles. Crop top from TARGET! I love target so much, as I'm sure all of you do! This is actually an army green color. It's a basic tank and I love basics. I usually buy black but I thought I'd branch out on this one. The green is perfect for fall and with the black hat and sweater. It's from from this season but I can't find it online so I'll link others that will look just as good too. This sweater is older and from urban but, a good black sweater is a staple! I may have 4 of them but I wear them all and they are all a little different. SO I will link some that I would buy if I need another one... haha. MY HAT!! This is a new one from Free people & it may or may not be in my next few post. I have what I think, is an abnormally small head so this hat or any hat is big. It sucks but, I still buy them. This one I love because it has a big, stable brim. you can wear it straight or tipped back. I will link a few brimmed hats from Free People, they have many! .... Links belooow


















Sorry there is only one picture....Thanks for reading! check out my Insta for more family, lifestyle, beauty & fashion.

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